• General information regarding the service

    What days does the City Tour run?

    Our service operates all year round except on 1st January and 25th December.

    How frequently do the vehicles run?

    City Tour always tries to operate a sufficient number of vehicles to avoid long queues and delays. The vehicles run every 15-20 minutes, depending on the city and on traffic. Check the City Tour website for the schedules and frequency. 

    Where can I get on the bus or train?

    You can get on the bus or train at any one of our stops. If you don’t have a ticket yet, you can buy one on board.

    Can I go and come back with the same bus?

    Most City Tour routes operate along the same circuit, meaning that you can return to the bus stop where you picked up the bus or to any other stop at any time.


  • Our fleet of vehicles

    Do the buses have audio guides?

    Most City Tour vehicles, except the tourist trains, feature an automatic audio guide available in several languages. Check each City Tour's website to see what audio guide services and languages are available in each city. 

    Is there space for a wheelchair?

    Most City Tour buses have space for a wheelchair inside with a capacity of one wheelchair per bus. Check the website for the corresponding City Tour.

    Is there Wi-Fi on board?

    The Barcelona, Madrid, London, Granada and San Francisco City Tours offer free Wi-Fi on board for all clients. 


  • Tickets and points of sale

    Can I change route on the same ticket?

    Yes, the ticket is valid for every route in the city so you can get on and off at any stop for as long as your ticket remains valid. You must have a valid ticket with you. 

    Where can I buy tickets?

    You can buy your ticket on board any of the City Tour vehicles as well as at different points of sale around the city. For the Barcelona, Madrid, London, Granada and San Francisco City Tours you can buy your ticket online. For the points of sale in each city, check the individual City Tour website. 

    How long is a ticket valid for?

    The ticket will indicate how many hours or days it's good for, depending on the City Tour, and is valid from the time of purchase. If you buy your ticket online or through one of our agents, you will be given a ticket or voucher which can be exchanged when getting on the bus for the first time. The ticket which you are given at this moment will indicate how many hours or days it's good for. 

  • Guidelines and service

    Can I travel with luggage?

    Our vehicles do not have luggage compartments, so you can only travel with hand luggage that you can carry and which does not occupy any extra seats or block the aisles or emergency exits. Unfortunately you cannot ride with large suitcases or packages.

    Do I need to bring my own headset?

    In most vehicles a courtesy headset is provided by City Tour. Please check the specific City Tour website to confirm availability.

    Are animals accepted on-board?

    No animals or pets are allowed on board London City Tour buses with the exception of guide dogs.

    Do I have priority access to the bus if I already have a ticket?

    No, all passengers are expected to wait in line at the stops regardless of whether they already have their ticket or not.

    Can I smoke on board the City Tour vehicle?

    No, smoking on board any of our vehicles is prohibited.

    Does City Tour have a mobile app?

    Yes, a free app for iOS and Android devices is available for the Barcelona, Madrid, London, Granada and San Francisco City Tours. With it you'll get more out of your trip with real-time information on your current and upcoming locations and nearby places of interest you can visit, all with fully up-to-date multimedia content. The app is available on AppStore and Play Store. 

  • Issues

    I’ve lost my ticket. What should I do?

    Unfortunately it’s only possible to travel on the City Tour if you have a valid ticket. We cannot replace or exchange tickets which have been lost or stolen. Unfortunately we cannot accept any other proof of purchase or vouchers which have already been used. Once you have bought your ticket, please look after it as you will need to show it when getting on the bus and during routine inspections. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they have been given a ticket when entering the bus or to mention it to staff on the vehicle when purchasing the ticket.