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  • 27 avr. 2018

    Do you fancy a vermouth?

    Cathégories: Essentiels

    Spring, sun… and vermouth. In Barcelona there is no Sunday without vermouth. Do you fancy a glass? All you need is good company and good time is guaranteed.

    Enjoying a vermouth ...

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  • 27 mars 2018

    Chasing Jack The Ripper

    Cathégories: Musées

    Whitechapel (East London), 1888, a series of murders terrifies the whole community of London. The victims were at least five women who suffered terrible cuts in different parts of their bodies. ...

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  • 25 janv. 2018

    Gates of the Alhambra

    Cathégories: Monuments

    Throughout history, Granada has lived many battles between different cultures who wanted to get the control of the city. This is why the Alhambra, one of the highlights of the city, was totally ...

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  • 19 janv. 2018

    Tamborrada on San Sebastián Day

    Cathégories: Fêtes traditionnelles

    The Tamborrada drum parade is one of the most resonating celebrations on San Sebastián Day. Get ready to go out on the streets and enjoy this celebration first-hand.

    The ...

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  • 17 janv. 2018

    Jurassic Barcelona

    Cathégories: Musées

    Trix, the most famous Tyrannosaurus Rex of all time, has arrived in Barcelona.

    This fossil is one of the three biggest and most well-preserved dinosaur skeletons in the world. ...

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  • 15 janv. 2018

    Balenciaga in Victoria and Albert Museum

    Cathégories: Musées

    Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion is the first exhibition in the United Kingdom honouring the Spanish couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga and his firm, which has remained on the top list ...

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  • 05 janv. 2018

    The Three Wise Kings Day Parade

    Cathégories: Fêtes traditionnelles

    The Three Wise Kings arrive in Madrid every year together with their exceptional carriages, beloved pages and loads of magic, thrill and presents to deliver.

    Melchior, Gaspar and ...

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